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3 Mistakes First-time Home Buyers Make
Buying a home can be overwhelming - especially for first-time buyers. 

Want to make sure you do it right? Avoid these all-too-common first-timer mistakes:
  1. Not getting to know the neighborhood. Walk around, drive the streets, and make sure it's a place that feels safe and has the amenities you're looking for.
  2. Forgetting to think long-term. Even if you don't have kids just yet, look at school districts and playgrounds.
  3. Skipping pre-approval. Getting pre-approved for a mortgage doesn't just make your home purchase easier; it helps point you toward an appropriate price range, too.
Forgoing an agent's help can be a big mistake, too. Make sure you reach out for guidance!
Do what you love, Love what you do!
Over the last week and in the coming few weeks I’ve been and will continue to be slightly geeking out about a particular property that I will have the pleasure to present to you... in due time. 😌
One of the many parts of my “job” that I Love, is the research and statistical analysis of homes, property values and the market trends and current conditions. 📈📉📊
It’s always changing so even with the same house the research evolves with each transaction. 🔑
And while numbers give much of the foundation for home sales and purchasing, then there’s the layer of consumer behavior the excites me on a whole other level! 🤩
I really love what I get to do everyday, night, weekend, holiday, and while I sleep😴😋
As we head into the holidays I hope everyone is excited and will find time to embrace the joy of the seasons, as we know they will fly by!  
A few things to consider if you're thinking of buying or selling a home before the end of the year: 
1) I work through the holidays, so I'm here to help
2) Buying a home during the holidays can give you an advantage because there are typically fewer buyers out in the market, making your competition lighter. 
3) Selling a home during the holidays can also give you an advantage because there are fewer homeowners that list during the last few months of the year, making the sales competition lighter.  and typically buyers that are active this time of year are more serious and urgent with their search.  So it can be a win win for all!  
Happy Holidays and Cheers to new homes and house sales! 
4 Questions to Ask When Touring a Home
Going to a showing soon? Make sure to ask these questions as your tour the property:
  1. Does it look maintained and well-cared for? If it doesn't, there may be costly repairs necessary.
  2. Will this fit my needs? Evaluate space, storage, layout, etc.
  3. Is there work to be done to get it to my liking? If you'll need to do renovations, you will want to factor this into your decision (and make sure it will fit your budget).
  4. Will it fit in with your long-term goals? Is there room to raise kids or a yard for your future pups?
Tap your agent for guidance, too. We're there to help!
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