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Information provided courtesy of Land Title Guarantee Company tells us that total real estate sales in Mesa County for Year to Date as compared to the same period last year is UP over 21% at a total sales volume of $234,324,130.  Total sales volume for April of 2015 were at $83,264,874 which is UP over 36% from the volume of $61,106,625 for April of 2014.  The average residential sales price in April  2015 was $206,351 with an average YTD residential sales price of $203,146.  The median price for residential purchases for April of 2015 is up from March's $180,000 at $187,000 with a YTD median price of $180,000.   Total transactions in April were 372 which is up from the 304 transactions in March of 2015. YTD transactions of 1078 is up nearly 15% from YTD this time in 2014.


Year to Date Volume for Current Month    $  234,324,130

% Change  21.09%


Current Month Volume     $   83,264,874


Month over Month Volume Prior Year     $  61,106,625

% Change   36.26%


Average Residential Sales Price    $ 206,351

YTD Average Residential Sales Price   $ 203,146


Median Residential Sales Price for current month     $ 187,000

Median Residential Sales Price YTD     $  180,000

# of transactions current month   372

# of transactions YTD  1078


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Great value on this 2 bedroom home! $129,900

Nice 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom home with 2 car garage on a spacious corner lot. Well kept and ready to go. Central location, large yard, great spacious living area and large kitchen.  ATTN Investors:  Tenant currently in place would like to stay.  2973 Emerald Circle, $129,900 short sale price.


Water belongs to the people and there is a lot of confusion as to how water rights are set and to whom.  There are 2 legal doctrines that govern  how we use water in the United States and the choice between these 2 doctrines rests primarily on the climate and needs of the people where the water is going to be used.  There is the riparian doctrine that allows property owners along rivers and streams to have the right to use that water, not to be confused with "owning" the water.  In Colorado, however, owning land next to a stream or river does not mean the owner has the right to use that water.  Due to the mining and crop irrigation needs that developed in the mid 1800's, Colorado water law was developed under the principle of "first in time, first in right".    This is known as the Prior Appropriation doctrine (or Colorado doctrine).

Users of water rights can obtain a court decree to protect their senior rights and this process is called Adjudication. The adjudication process secures the amount and priority date of the water users' rights.  It should be understood that this process does not create a water right, it just confirms existing rights.  We primarily see this doctrine here on the Western Slope.  

Many of the water rights owners on the Western Slope are Mutual Ditch Companies.  These companies are private, non profit associations that are organized to maintain and deliver water to its shareholders via elaborate networks of pipes, ditches, reservoirs, flumes, etc.  These organizations hold legal easements across the land of others and are similar to homeowner's associations in that they can have articles of incorporation, by-laws, and are governed by a Board of Directors.  A special assessment fee is typically charged annually to the water users and can vary by organization.

Water rights in Colorado are considered real property and are conveyed by a warranty deed when separated from the land.  For more information on water rights in Colorado, feel free to contact me directly and I will point your towards the specific information you are looking for.

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